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I have created this site out of my interest in marathi music.  I do not have any intention of making commercial gains from this site.

As you all know the songs are produced or copyrighted by the record companies, and I just intend to bring some of the songs to your fingertips via the internet.  It is not my intention to replace the original CDs or cassettes with the songs on my page.  If you like a particular song, I hope, you will make an attempt to purchase the original CD or cassette.

I have put in a lot of efforts in developing this site, so please do not copy any material or songs from my site.  You may give a link to the page, but DO NOT give a direct link to the songs on this site.  I will be happy to guide you if you want to create your own songs site.

As you will understand, I cannot let you download the song files; the songs are to be listened only online.