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Here is the transcript of correspondence with The Gramophone Company.  One would suspect the authenticity of the sender of the mail, however, we will watch and see what happens to other song sites on the internet.

From: "" "Gramophone Co. India"
To: ""
Subj: RE: Copyright Warning ! HMV INDIA

Dear Mr.Jadhav

We have paid royalties to the producers and Authors of the contents. Though
you are not using this for commercial purpose or allowing peoples for
download but broad casting is still violation of law.

About we have taken legal action against them,the matter is in
High Court.We have already send notices to all other sites violating our

About your copyright request we will consider your case in our board
meeting,but still I think it will not be possible to allow you to provide
original recorded contents, you can still provide Remixed or Reproduced
(Re-recorded in different voice)
contents not created by our company by taking permission from respected producers,Authors, musicians of the contents. Anyway thanks for respecting
our request.

Yours Sincerely,
The Gramophone company of India Ltd.
5,Old Court House Street,
Calcutta-700 001

>From: Raja Jadhav <>
>To: "Gramophone Co. India" <>
>Subject: Re: Copyright Warning ! HMV INDIA
>Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 09:22:24 -0400
>Dear Sir,
>I will take out those pages in a couple of days. However, there are so many
>other Hindi/Marathi songs site on the internet, are they allowed to host
>those songs? Do they have the copyrights? If they have, how can I also get
>the copyrights so that I can host few songs for people to enjoy. As you
>know people cannot download the songs on my site, they can only listen to
>them online.
>I know a site,
>which hosts a large number of marathi, hindi and other regional songs, do
>those sites also have copyrights?
>I hope that you will try to answer the questions I raised above. In any
>case I will remove those pages from my site in a couple of days.
>-Raja Jadhav
>At 11:15 AM 8/7/99 +0000, you wrote:
> >Dear Mr.Jadhav,
> >
> >This is to inform you that you are illegally distributing our Recorded
> >contents from your Web Site in Real Audio Format.
> >
> >We The Gramophone company of India Ltd. holds the copyright of
> >Marathi Songs Distributed and Broad casted from Your site
> >at Url:
> >We Request you to remove this contents immediately to avoid
> >further conflicts due to unauthorised public performance and broadcasting
> >our contents.We have notified Web master of your Institute,We hope you
> >immediately remove our contents from your site otherwise we will be
> >to take legal action against you.
> >Hoping for positive reply.
> >
> >
> >Yours Sincerely,
> >CEO
> >The Gramophone company of India Ltd.
> >5,Old Court House Street,
> >Calcutta-700 001
> >India.
> >
> >
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