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Having Problems?

Recently you might have noticed that no longer supports .ram files on this site.  Transeferring those .ram files to other server will take a lot of time, however, in the mean time, you can still play the .ram files, here are the tips:

  1. When you click on a link (with .ram extension) on this site, it will take you to Yahoo! Geocities site.  In the "Location" window of your browser, click on the displayed URL and press enter, that should play the song file(s). OR
  2. You can always select and play a list of songs.


Want to make your RealAudio files? Here are some useful tips.   Things u need to encode the songs:

1. RealProducer-G2 software available for FREE at
2. A PC with a sound card.
3. A dubbing cable.  The sound card has a Mic input.  You need to connect ur CD/cassette output to this Mic input using a dubbing cable, I got mine from Radio Shack for $3-4.

Then rest is simple, play the song in the CD/cassette player and press "start encoding" button in the Encoder.

Changing the volume on the CD/cassette player affects the recording volume. To be consistent with the other songs i have recorded, please make sure that in the graphic "audio input" window of the encoder, the encoding graph covers about half of the height of the window (i know this is difficult to explain, but u can also figure it out by trial and error.  So that volume level from ur song and my song is about the same).

Note for contributors:

Please take a look at the requested songs list, if you wish to make any song contributions to this site.


Having problems listening to the songs on this site?